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Gentle sleep solutions for the whole family, and coaching to help you feel confident while parenting your little one.

Services offered in-person in Ottawa and North Bay, and virtually across North America.

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what our clients are saying

Jody Griffin from North Bay, Ontario

I am forever grateful for Pam’s help and advice. She has helped me overcome many of my son’s sleep obstacles and have helped ease my own anxieties along the way. I do feel more confident than I did, especially with the foundations we have put in place and with the knowledge she has passed on to me. I know it won’t always be smooth sailing when it comes to Noah’s sleep but I am confident we will get through it in a healthy and safe way. Thank you Pam!

Lauren Walker from North Bay, Ontario

Hiring Restful Parenting is one of the best decisions we made! Pam helped us set our little one up for success before we even started the coaching, was flexible with us when we weren’t quite ready to start and supported us throughout the whole process. Our little one is now an amazing sleeper (goodbye exercise ball we used to have to use to put him to sleep!). Pam gave us the tools we needed to deal with not only the initial training, but bumps along the way.

Monica Tanaka, Client

Thank you so much, Pam! Working with you to help our little guy get better at falling asleep independently really helped as all as a family. We were stressed due to the lack of sleep and with your help, we have better, more consistent sleep (for everyone!). We knew we could count on you to guide us through this process in a gentle, non-judgmental way. It was a huge relief to talk with you and know that you completely understood our situation. It was clear that you knew your stuff! I have already recommended Restful Parenting to friends who are having sleep troubles and I will continue to recommend you to friends who need some help and encouragement tackling infant sleep. Thank you very much!

Christine from Barrie, Ontario

We are thrilled and amazed with the changes in just a few days. Seeing our little guy handle this so well makes me happy that we weren’t pushing him too hard by letting him cry to start sleeping by himself. Your approach is exactly what we were looking for. We wanted to make this as easy of a transition for him as possible and CIO was not something that I was comfortable with. Thank you again for your incredible support.

Hailee Schollaardt, Sleep Consultant

Pam and Elisa are wonderful. Not only are they both mommas who know exactly what you are going through but they are also highly educated in babies and toddlers. Being able to work with either of them will be the best decision you ever make!