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july, 2019

Parenting Program Online Class

Parenting Program


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If you find yourself constantly yelling, arguing and negotiating with your child or have a child who is constantly testing their limits, especially where safety is a concern, we are here to help! Our Parenting with Restful Parenting Program will have you upping your parenting game to the next level.

Learn the ‘secrets’ to effective parenting without yelling and arguing while staying emotionally connected to your child.

In this online class, we will discuss HOW to set limits, emotional offloading, fears and anxieties, how to follow through and we will discuss some scenarios so you can learn how each may require a different approach.

This Parenting program covers:

-Emotions and crying
-Parenting with confidence
-Setting limits and different ways to do so
-Dealing with fears and anxieties
-Throwing food and other mealtime stress

Whatever you are struggling with, we will help you through and give you the tools you need to confidently help your little one through.

Ideal for parents with children ages 10 months and up.

What’s included in this class:
Part 1 – Setting Limits with Confidence Video
Part 2 – Consequences and Time Outs Video
Part 3 – Scenarios Videos
—-Part A – Everyday Scenarios
—-Part B – Difficult Scenarios
Part 4 – Fears and Anxieties Videos

You will receive immediate access to this class.

This online class also includes ONE MONTH in our VIP Parenting Facebook Group so that we can offer you some guidance and give you some tools to help and support you on this journey.


Year Around Event (2019)


Online Class

On your computer-internet access required.


Restful Parenting


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