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july, 2019

Toilet Training Online Class


Event Details

Ready to get your toddler out of diapers? With years of experience toilet training dozens (and dozens) of children- their own and the children in their care -Pam and Elisa are here to help! We’ve got tips on how to know when your child is ready, how and when to ditch the diapers, strategies for getting started and staying consistent with the process so your child learns to use the toilet and feels like it’s on their own terms.

This class includes:

Immediate Access to 2 class videos:

Part 1: Toilet Training 101

Part 2: How To Get Started

Plus Bonus Download: Toilet Training Readiness Checklist

You will receive immediate access to this class.


Year Around Event (2019)


Online Class

On your computer-internet access required.


Restful Parenting


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